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Multisensory Teaching offers different solutions to help your child succeed

Services For Students

It is our mission to help students achieve academic success by teaching to their strengths while strengthening their weak areas in a positive, productive and fun setting.

Student Services

Academic Testing

Testing and Assessment is recommended for children whose progress at school is affected by learning differences.

Teaching / Tutoring

Whether individual or group instruction is recommended, we provide a nurturing environment with a teacher experienced in working with children who have multiple needs.

Consulting Services

Through consultation, Alison Wurtz designs personalized educational programs to help meet the needs of individual children.

  • My daughter had been a strong student through the first grade. In second grade, however, her previously grade-level reading skills plummeted, accompanied by her self-esteem and enthusiasm for school. She was diagnosed with dyslexia after the school year and immediately began working with Alison Wurtz. The multisensory, research-based approach to reading instruction employed by Alison is unavailable in a public school setting and has allowed my daughter a fresh start. Reading is no longer the source of great stress and anxiety it had been for my daughter. She is now fully engaged in her schoolwork and even reads for pleasure.
  • I found the Language Enrichment program to be a logical program for teaching reading. It is very child-friendly and the multisensory aspect is well-developed for this purpose. The Language Enrichment class itself was well organized, using a clear and concise teaching method, and filled with great advice from Alison, a well-learned professional.
    Stephanie FrostBloomington, NY
  • After leaving the teaching profession over a decade ago, I felt ill equipped to teach children how to read. Language Enrichment was the tool I was missing. Now I'm back in the classroom! LE is a highly effective reading technique and builds confidence in the children, not to mention their teacher. I would recommend LE to anyone who teaches children how to read.
    Kari ScottSaugerties, NY
  • I am writing to let you know how much I appreciated the four-day Language Enrichment course that I was lucky enough to attend. To be together with the other teachers from the community I'm part of, as well as Kristin, Doris, Cheryl and you gave me a greater appreciation for the work educationalists have put into integrating alternate learners to a normal classroom setting. I wish you much luck as you continue to promote this child-friendly method of teaching reading.
    Lizzi BrinkmannRifton, NY
  • As a teacher with over 20 years experience, I am excited to be teaching this comprehensive Language Enrichment program in the Kindergarten classroom. Language Enrichment addresses my students' needs and I am now confident in their success as they progress through the program. I feel secure in the knowledge that it meets the five components deemed necessary under Reading First legislation.
    Kristin SchroderChichester, NY
  • As the Lower School Coordinator in an independent school, I have chosen Language Enrichment as our core literacy program. I have found this program to be excellent, easy to implement and consistent with the findings of the National Reading Panel. As a First grade teacher with 20 years of experience, it is refreshing to finally have a classroom approach that is evidence-based.
    Doris Gonzales-EastonKingston, NY