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Professional Development Programs

Multisensory Teaching offers -professional development in a proven, research-based model for reading instruction: the revised Orton-Gillingham multisensory method.

Available Programs

Language Enrichment Reading Course

Language Enrichment is a 30-hour class focused on giving elementary school teachers the tools they need to teach students a three-year curriculum that implements evidence-based practices. + More info

Developing Metacognitive Skills

Developing Metacognitive Skills is a 10-hour class for teachers focused on building strategies in reading and improving vocabulary and comprehension. + More info

Multisensory Grammar

Multisensory Grammar is a 3-hour class for elementary regular education teachers, educational therapists, and dyslexia specialists. + More info

Written Composition

Written Composition is a 3-hour class for elementary regular education teachers, educational therapists, and dyslexia specialists. + More info

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  • As a teacher with over 20 years experience, I am excited to be teaching this comprehensive Language Enrichment program in the Kindergarten classroom. Language Enrichment addresses my students' needs and I am now confident in their success as they progress through the program. I feel secure in the knowledge that it meets the five components deemed necessary under Reading First legislation.
    Kristin SchroderChichester, NY
  • I found the Language Enrichment program to be a logical program for teaching reading. It is very child-friendly and the multisensory aspect is well-developed for this purpose. The Language Enrichment class itself was well organized, using a clear and concise teaching method, and filled with great advice from Alison, a well-learned professional.
    Stephanie FrostBloomington, NY
  • I am writing to let you know how much I appreciated the four-day Language Enrichment course that I was lucky enough to attend. To be together with the other teachers from the community I'm part of, as well as Kristin, Doris, Cheryl and you gave me a greater appreciation for the work educationalists have put into integrating alternate learners to a normal classroom setting. I wish you much luck as you continue to promote this child-friendly method of teaching reading.
    Lizzi BrinkmannRifton, NY
  • After leaving the teaching profession over a decade ago, I felt ill equipped to teach children how to read. Language Enrichment was the tool I was missing. Now I'm back in the classroom! LE is a highly effective reading technique and builds confidence in the children, not to mention their teacher. I would recommend LE to anyone who teaches children how to read.
    Kari ScottSaugerties, NY
  • As the Lower School Coordinator in an independent school, I have chosen Language Enrichment as our core literacy program. I have found this program to be excellent, easy to implement and consistent with the findings of the National Reading Panel. As a First grade teacher with 20 years of experience, it is refreshing to finally have a classroom approach that is evidence-based.
    Doris Gonzales-EastonKingston, NY