About Multisensory Teaching

Mulitsensory Teaching is dedicated to providing a structured approach to teaching the basic language skills of reading, writing and spelling, as well as professional development for educators in research-based methods of literacy instruction.

Our Founder - Alison Wurtz

Alison Wurtz, founder of Multisensory Teaching, is a Certified Academic Language Therapist, a Licensed Dyslexia Therapist and holds a Masters in Special Education. For more information regarding Alison’s qualifications, please review her Résumé.


Alison Wurtz

A lifetime resident of the Hudson Valley, Alison was motivated to learn more about teaching reading when it became apparent that her son, Travis, required a different approach to reading instruction. Travis had multiple medical and learning obstacles to overcome; but fortunately, due to the multisensory research-based methods that Alison employed, he was able to make significant progress in his reading and writing abilities. Her daughter, Hannah, a natural reader, excelled in both private and homeschooling environments, due in part, to supplemental multisensory training.

As Alison instructed her children, she found it necessary to further her training and education. Through this dedication came a commitment to help other students reach their potential using teaching methods that focused on their strengths.

After years of experience with students and in demand as a private tutor, Alison realized that more students could experience success if teachers were trained to use the same methodology. So, when the Neuhaus Education Center in Texas contacted her in 2007 with a proposal to be a Provider and Trainer for their Language Enrichment Reading Course and Developing Metacognitive Skills program, she knew this was the professional development component she should provide.

Multisensory Teaching resulted from Alison’s alliance with Neuhaus. Teachers, student teachers and private tutors from all over the Hudson Valley have already benefited from her instruction. Alison also offers Neuhaus’ Multisensory Grammar and Written Composition programs as well and is dedicated to providing professional development for teachers in research-based methodology and materials that address all three tiers of RTI.

Alison continues to offer individualized instruction using Basic Language Skills, a research-based Neuhaus curriculum based on the pioneering research of Dr. Samuel Orton and Anna Gillingham. The multisensory techniques of this curriculum meet the needs of different learning styles and encourage the joy of learning through fun, hands-on learning!

With 20 years of experience working with students and 10 years offering professional development, the mission of Multisensory Teaching continues to be to empower teachers and honor the strengths of the different learner.